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Benefits of Water Saving Shower Heads

Water saving shower heads – we’ve all heard of them but do we know the benefits of getting them installed into your home?

In an era where Australia is becoming more and more energy efficient and aware of environmental issues, water saving shower heads are the go-to choice for people conscious of their water use to minimise water wastage.

Today we have a look at installation methods of water saving shower heads, tips on how you can reduce your water usage, how much savings can be made from installing them into your home and pros and cons of water saving shower heads.

If you’re looking for a more simple way to be more efficient with your water and electricity usage, water saving shower heads are a great option to consider when looking for ways to reduce costs, without drastically changing your day-to-day routine.

Every heated gallon of water used by your household contributes to increasing your water and electricity bills, so by installing a water saving shower head, you’re both able to help the environment while reducing your monthly utility bills.

How to Install a Water Saving Shower Head

There is the option to contact a professional to install the shower head for you. However, if you’re looking for an affordable DIY option, it’s a fairly simple task to achieve.

Tools you will need:

1) A water efficient shower head
2) A wrench
3) Towel
4) Scissors
5) Teflon tape


1) Remove the old showerhead by turning it anticlockwise. Use the wrench if the shower head is difficult to remove.
2) Applying a thin layer of Teflon tape to the threaded ends ensures the new water head fits correctly with no gaps.
3) Attach your new water saving shower head – simply screw into place by turning clockwise.
4) Test your new water head and ensure there are no leaks – if there are, use the wrench to tighten the shower head.

Why install a water saving shower head?

  • Simple to Install
  • Affordable option – shower heads can on average cost around $20
  • Reduced your energy bill
  • Reduces your water bill
  • Creates a more energy efficient home.
  • Traditional shower heads can have a higher pressure water stream than water saving shower heads
  • Delays in temperature adjustment time when changing water temperature
  • Water cools faster than traditional shower heads, as low flow shower heads combine air with water.

How much can I save by installing a water saving shower head?

Using a standard shower head for 8 minutes can use up to 120 Litres of water. When installing a water saving shower head, it reduces your 8-minute shower water usage to just 72 Litres.

Shower heads can generate up to 25% water savings. Water saving showerheads use 40% less water than standard shower heads. Your family can save hundreds per year on your water bill by installing 3 stars or above energy efficient shower heads.

Tips on How to Reduce Water Use

1) Use a timer – If you lose track of time in the shower, setting a timer can make you more aware of how long you’ve had the water running and how many gallons you have already used.

2)Turn the shower off while shaving, brushing your teeth, or lathering up with shower gel.

3)Make sure you install a ‘low-flow’ shower head to decrease the water per minute ratio.

If you’re looking to save water, decrease your energy and water utility bills, and make your home energy efficient, installing a water saving shower head is by far the best option.