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Sewer and storm-water pipes are often concealed in the walls of high rise buildings. This can cause problems if they crack, as the water leaks into the walls of the building; which can cause thousands of dollars in damage. If your pipe begins to leak, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible. The easiest solution is to coat the pipe and this will prevent further leaks.

How does vertical pipe relining work?

High-rise buildings in Australia use copper based pipes, which corrode with use. Corrosion shortens the lifespan of the piping to 10 to 25 years, and can add considerable costs to the management of the building. A solution to this problem is pipe shielding, which places a plastic liner in the existing pipe to repair damage and strengthen the pipe.  Relined pipes increase the quality of drinking water by reducing the number of pollutants.

How is vertical pipe relining done?

The relining process is faster and inexpensive compared to replacing pipes. Below is an outline of what happens when relining occurs.

1. The pipes are cleaned using a water jet or steel brushes. This process clears any corrosion out of the pipes and prepares them for inspection.

2. A camera is passed down the pipe so an inspection and measurement can occur. This methodology ensures the lining of the full pipe length.

3.   The liner is coated with resin and pulled into the pipe, where it is left to cure for a few hours. During this time the pipe cannot be used by residents.

4.  When the liner has cured, the pipe is inspected again by camera. This ensures that the installation went well and the pipe is ready to be used.

 Benefits of vertical pipe relining 

High-rise pipe relining is cheap and efficient, it has many benefits that we’ve listed blow:

• Reduces greenhouse emissions
• Decreases further pipe corrosion
• Is easily applied
• Prevents water-borne health risks
• Increases water flow
• Reduces pumping system costs
• Decreases the need for building maintenance
• Prevents building damage
• Is easily installed with minimal disruption
• Cures quickly with fitting in any weather conditions