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The start of Summer means Christmas is just around the corner. Unfortunately, the warmer weather brings along pests that can be a nuisance all Summer long. We’ve compiled a few helpful tips to rid yourself of any unwanted Summer pests

  • Make sure your drains are kept clean and there are no suspicious blockages. A blocked drain can cause a number of problems in the home; from water damage to a build up of food, which attracts those pesky cockroaches and rodents.You can flush out your drain by pouring boiling water followed by cold water, and it’s best to do this once a fortnight. If this does not fix the problem, it might be a good idea to call a professional to make sure your drains are functioning correctly.


  • Regularly clearing away overgrown vegetation from around your home will help in a number of ways. The leaves can often clog your gutters, leading to expensive and frustrating costs. It also helps keep mosquitoes away, as they love to live in damp places. Keeping your gutters clear is the best way to deter those Summer pests.


  • It’s important to make sure your outside drainage system is working correctly. Mosquitoes require still water to lay their eggs for reproduction. Drain all still water around your home to prevent this from happening. If your drain is not working correctly, it’s best to call a professional to come in and have a look.


  • Keep your outdoor bins covered to avoid attracting rodents and possums. Both are sneaky creatures that can cause a lot of damage to your property. By covering your bins and keeping food sealed in bin bags, you’ll be making it much harder for anything to get in.


Although pests are much more common in Summer, if you follow these tips you can help keep your family safe. If you’re in need of professional help, give us a call on 9904 7700 and we’ll be able to sort you out; we will keep your house safe from Summer pests!