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General Plumbing Around your Home

General plumbing can make a big difference in preventing plumbing emergencies. They’ll prolong your plumbing and drains life, allowing you to avoid costly repairs.  Preventative measures mean you’re less likely to suffer significant damage in the future.

Routine maintenance helps to safeguard your home against bigger problems. We’ve got some simple tips for maintaining your drains and preventing plumbing emergencies.

Keeping your Drains, Shower and Sinks Clear

Clogged drains, showers and sinks are the most common residential plumbing problems.

Ensure all drains are cleaned regularly with the rest of your home, and kept free of debris. If hair is a problem in your showers or bathroom sinks you can install a screen or drain-grate to catch the debris.  Remove the cover once every fortnight and give it a good clean, clearing away any hair that has collected.

Refrain from pouring cooking grease, coffee grounds and food scraps down your drains as these frequently cause clogs. Run hot water through your sinks after each use as this can help prevent oil from food building up and making drains sluggish.

Replace the Washers on Your Taps

A leaking tap is often a sign that the washers on your taps need replacing. Deal with leaking taps swiftly, a leaking tap can waste 12,000 litres a year!

Washers can be purchased from hardware stores. It’s important that you don’t over tighten the washers, as this will prematurely wear it down and cause leaks.


There are some jobs that require a licensed plumber. Ruttley Services has a team of qualified plumbers who provide emergency and maintenance plumbing. Call us today at (02) 9904 7700.