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So the question on your mind is ‘Do I need a licensed gas fitter?’ Yes, you do!

Not only is doing your own gas work illegal, but anyone who does not have a licence who is offering to do your work for you should be reported.gas fitting

The Home Building Act says you must hold a licence to do any gas fitting, except things like changing over cylinders. That means not only installing a hot water system or a heater requires a licence, but also relocating a kitchen stove in the event of, for example, renovations.

Often, the nature of the work may seem simple, and the appliance may seem in good working order, but only an experienced gas fitter will really know.

You will need a licensed gas fitter for any and all connections, alterations, extensions or repairs, even to flues. All of this work requires a licensed contractor like Ruttley Services to do the job and then provide Fair Trading with a Certificate of Inspection or Certificate of Compliance.

So regardless of the size and cost of the work, or whether your premises is residential, commercial or industrial, you need to contact an expert like Ruttley Services.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that, if you do-it-yourself or get an unlicensed fitter to do the work, insurers may not pay out in the event of fire or public liability claims.

But the biggest reason for calling a professional is that gas work can be extremely dangerous, and you could be putting yourself and your family at serious risk.

An apprentice gas fitter in NSW, who was left working on his own for a time in a trench, fell unconscious and died of arrhythmia after cutting into a live gas main.

So even if you smell gas on your property, contact a licensed gas fitter like Ruttley Services straight away.

LPG concentrations as low as 2% will ignite in air, gas travels along floors to settle in low spots, and in higher concentrations this toxic substance will cause asphyxiation.

Only licensed gas contractors like Ruttley Services have the skills, the gear and the knowledge to work with gas safely for you, your family and your home.

Anyone with a licence has completed an apprenticeship including Certificate III in Gas Fitting, and at least two years of industry experience, so they have learned skills like:

• assessing potential hazards of the work to ensure appropriate supervision
• isolating the gas supply and drain line-gas pressure to safe levels
• assessing and ensuring ventilation and other safety considerations are given due attention
• checking that potential sources of ignition – including static – are controlled

So when getting tradespeople to do any sort of work for you, you should always check that you are dealing with a legitimate business, and engaging people who have the correct qualifications and understand their responsibilities with the law, as licensing standards include not only work practices and installation but also equipment.

You can do a search online to check a tradie or business’s credentials, or simply rest assured that Ruttley Services is a fully licensed drainer and gas fitter who is ready to help you with your project!