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Hot Water Safety Tempering Valves

Avoid Hot Water Scalding

Hot water must be stored at a temperature high enough to avoid bacteria, yet be delivered at a temperature safe enough for human hands. A hot water safety temperature pressure relief valve is the perfect solution to the problem of water that’s just too hot for safety when it comes out of the tap. Tempering valves mix hot water with cold water before it reaches your tap to ensure water is delivered at a constant temperature.

What are tempering valves?

They are sliding valves that change the ratio of hot and cold water that passes through your tap, reducing the risk of scalding.  A member of the Ruttley Services team will adjust the valve to the preferred temperature, which will then be controlled to within 3%.

They have temperature sensitive elements that regulate temperature, even when there are variations in incoming water flow conditions.

Benefits of tempering valves

Tempering valves reduce your risk of scalding by ensuring users are never exposed to temperatures of more than 50°C, a temperature high enough for hot water to be stored without risk of bacteria, yet safe enough for domestic use.

Scalding can cause serious, long term injuries and can occur in just one second in water at a temperature of 60°C, compared to five minutes for water at a temperature of 50°C.

Un-tempered hot water can produce water at temperatures over 68°C, which significantly increases the chance of serious burns in under one second. Since 90% of scalding cases occur in the home, a tempering valve goes a long way in preventing serious hot water burns.

Maintaining your tempering valve

It is recommended by manufacturers to replace tempering valves once every five years, however it is also important to remove and clean filters regularly. This should only be done by a qualified plumber as water supply will need to be shut off to prevent scalding, and water pressure must be released before undoing the fittings.

Get a tempering valve for your hot water system today

Want to prevent scalding and ensure constant, safe water flow temperatures in your home? Call one of Ruttley Services’s licensed, qualified and insured plumbers at 9904 7700 to get a tempering valve installed today.

The hot water temperature valve (also known as the ‘Tempering Valve’) mixes hot water with cold water before it reaches the tap. This ensures users are never exposed to water with a temperature of more than 50°C. This is more than hot enough for normal domestic use, but not hot enough to cause painful scalding. Call Ruttley Services on 1300 611 046 for assistance

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