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We’d like to thank all of our customers for their continued support throughout this year and hope you all have a happy, relaxed Christmas break, whether you’re spending it home alone or surrounded by friends and loved ones. For those who’ll be enjoying the Silly Season alone, we’ve listed some great ways to keep yourself entertained. For tips on what not to do over the Christmas break check out the hilarious family movie “Home Alone”! 

Contact friends and relatives 

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose touch with friends and relatives when you’re busy with work, family and other personal commitments. Being home alone gives you a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. You’ll also find that after contacting friends and family, they’ll invite you to join their celebration if you live locally.

Have an orphans’ Christmas

Just because you’re home alone doesn’t mean Christmas has to be quiet! Find out if other friends or family are staying behind and arrange an orphans’ Christmas. This can often be better than a big extended family celebration, as you don’t have to put up with the company of relatives who annoy you!

Arrange an outing

When you’re home alone for Christmas, it’s the perfect time to do activities that you enjoy but have had to put off due to being time poor. If you love the outdoors, plan a hike, either by yourself or with a group.

For those who are fond of heading to the movies, why not catch the latest blockbuster? Find history or the arts appealing? Take a tour of any nearby museums or art galleries. You can also pack a good book and a picnic lunch before spending the day at a local park.

Take the time to pamper yourself

By not travelling away for Christmas you often free up some extra spending money over the Christmas season, so why not splurge a little on yourself! Arrange a massage or a day at a spa to relax and de-stress after the Christmas rush.

Do some volunteering

By volunteering at a local shelter or mission over Christmas, you can gain fulfillment through the act of helping others, and you can also make some great personal connections so you don’t feel lonely.

Movie marathon

Being home alone is an ideal time to have a movie marathon or catch up on a TV series you’ve missed out on. Even better, you can be selfish and choose exactly which movies or TV series you prefer, rather than having to keep family, partners or flatmates happy by selecting something they’d also like!

Before you’re left home alone, it’s a good idea to check and see if any basic maintenance has been missed, to avoid issues such as a plumbing emergency! Our previous blog is well worth a read as it offers simple tips on how to prepare your home or apartment before Christmas, so you don’t have any plumbing emergencies arise. Merry Christmas from Ruttley’s!