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Smell Gas? You Could Have A Gas Leak

The smell of gas is unmistakable. If you smell a strong scent of gas in the kitchen or in the house or business, or feel ill when you’re around a gas-burning appliance, then you could have a gas leak, take urgent action.

As a safety feature both LPG and natural gas have an odourant added, to allow people to smell them.

Don’t just rely on your nose to keep you and your family safe. Some gas has no smell or taste at all, so detecting a gas leak could be down to extremely dangerous. Gas leak detection should be a vital part of every home and business’ safety plan.

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Gas leaks can ignite or explode

LPG and natural gases are highly combustible with even a small concentration of leaked gas able to ignite and/or explode. To avoid this dangerous situation and possible damage to both property and your loved ones be sure to have your gas appliances checked regularly. Gas fittings and fixtures installations require a fully licensed and experienced technician.

Most gas leaks come from poorly fitted gas-burning appliances or corrosion of the pipes over time from rust, friction or age. Having your gas fittings checked and serviced regularly by a qualified technician can prevent most gas leaks.

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