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Gas Fitting Services

Gas is highly combustible, so it’s important to consider gas fitting and installation of all your appliance fittings and fixtures very carefully – this is NOT a DIY job for the weekend.

blowtorch-gas fitting services

These appliances need to be professionally installed. Even a small buildup of gas from a leak can be dangerous, it’s essential that any gas burning appliances you have working in your home or business are installed properly by a fully licensed professional technician.

Our gas fitting services will ensure the correct connections between the gas mains and pipes and the appliance itself.  Your installation work will be handled by one of our professional technicians.

Maintenance of gas fittings is vital

Over time Gas fittings can become loose, corroded or can completely fail after many years of use. Gas fittings are usually metal, copper or stainless steel, however after many years of wear and tear these can fail and cause a leak. This can be typical in older homes and commercial factory units. Many older properties have older gas systems and often still use legacy appliances that place strain on the fittings. On top of proper installation, the best preventative measure against gas leaks from gas fittings is to make sure they’re in good repair with regular checks and maintenance. A disciplined maintenance schedule will help identify any risks, damage or repairs needed. This preventative action will stop dangerous leaks before they even start and could even save lives and prevent major damage to your property.

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