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What to do if you smell gas

When it comes to energy, gas really is a reliable option. In a power cut, you’ll always have a ready supply of energy. It’s it’s cheap and reliable, making it the perfect option for first time home owners.

Gas leaks are deadly.

The Australian gas industry is well regulated. There are controls and standards put in place to protect your family.

Install a carbon monoxide alarm

You can pick up a carbon monoxide alarm from your local hardware; this will protect your family against carbon monoxide.

If you do have a very minor leak, don’t panic immediately. Natural gas is light, it quickly escapes into the atmosphere. However it can still build up to dangerous levels inside confined spaces.

What should you do if you smell gas?

– Get out

If you have children, remove them from the affected area and don’t return until the situation has improved.

– Turn off

Natural gas can be turned off at the meter by following the instructions and turning the tap. If it’s an LPG cylinder, make sure it is safe to approach, and turn off the supply.

– No flames

Under no circumstances should you attempt to find the source of the leak with a naked flame.

– Ventilate

Natural gas is lighter than air so it will dissipate into the atmosphere. So open every door and window in your home.

– Call

If the smell lingers, call a gas leak number. An experienced gas-fitter needs to come in and locate the leak.

It’s important that anyone you get in to fix the leak is appropriately qualified and licensed. You can be sure of all of those things with Ruttley Services, give us a call on (02) 9199 2011.