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Gardening and Guttering – Maintenance Plans

Tree roots and fallen branches can cause damage to your property. It’s important to maintain the guttering and garden around your home through all seasons. Proper maintenance plans can reduce the risk of a plumbing emergency.

Follow these simple steps to maintain your property throughout the year. 

Gardening Maintenance

  • Regularly rake leaves so they don’t block your overflow relief gully.
  • Check that your water meter is well maintained and can be easily found.
  • Remove damaged or dangerously located trees. These are likely to fall in the event of storms.
  • Locate your sewer lines and limit the number of plants around it.
  • If you have a pool, avoid planting trees with invasive roots that could damage the structure.

Guttering Maintenance

  • Clear away debris in your gutters as soon as possible. This is a good idea before heavy rainfall.
  • Regularly check for rust spots, holes, and other signs of damage. Any damaged guttering will need to be replaced.
  • Prune trees regularly so they don’t hang over gutters, causing blockages.
  • Consider installing a gutter guard to prevent blockages.
  • If  water is not draining freely through your drainpipes, clear obstructions by flushing them with a hose.

With these simple steps  Follow these simple garden and guttering maintenance plans and you can reduce the risk of plumbing emergencies. If you’re in need of an emergency plumber, give Ruttley plumbing a call at (02) 9904 7700.