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Here are some fire safety tips that can save a life.

As every Aussie knows, with Summer comes bushfire season. It’s important to keep on top of fire safety and be prepared. There are plenty of simple tips that you can do around the house to avoid an accident. It’s important to update your fire plan regularly and includes all family members with any changes around the house. This ensures that everyone will know their role in case of an emergency.

  • Smoke alarms– It’s important that all smoke alarms are working and installed correctly. Make sure all fire alarms are in working order, this means checking the batteries every two months. Rest easy with the knowledge that the alarm will go off in the event of a fire.
  • Fire plan– A fire plan is a good idea for every household. Make sure each member of the family is aware of the plan. Take note of where the exits are in your home, and arrange a meeting point in case of emergencies. Going through this plan regularly will ensure that everyone is familiar with it. When discussing your fire plan with the family there are plenty of tips to remember. Make sure all exits are clear, that all keys are in a convenient spot, and to never reenter the building.
  • Clear gutters– With the summer wind, it’s easy for leaves to pile up and clog your drains. Regularly cleaning your gutters of flammable debris leaves your house better protected in an emergency. items If you’re in need of assistance, Ruttley Services can help out.
  • Gas– Summer is the time of BBQ’s, of having friends over and enjoying the weather. We know it’s important to have your gas connection in working order. So if you’re experiencing problems with your gas give Ruttley Services a call. We’re the professionals you need.
  • Clear stormwater drains–  Stormwater drains often get clogged up with leaves during Summer. It’s important to keep drains clean. Having extra debris in your drain is dangerous, as leaves are flammable. Blocked drains can be a nuisance, leading to bigger problems. Ruttley Services specialises in relining, and with our expertise, we’ll help clear your drains.

With these simple tips, it’ll be easy to keep on top of fire safety. You will be prepared in case of an emergency. If you’re in need of any assistance give Ruttley Services a call. We do everything from gas maintenance to relining work.