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High Pressure Water Jetting

60 Times Regular Water Pressure

Ruttley Services have invested in the highest quality tools to get the job done. Most plumbers have an electric eel but we found this was not drilling deep enough through blockages and they would soon return. We’ve invested in the highest quality hoses which are specific to each type of job.

high pressure water jetting

Traditionally, plumbers have used a device called an electric eel to remove blockages within drains. The electric eel is a cable that, by performing high-speed rotations within the pipe, removes build up.

However, it comes with many drawbacks, and being aware of this, Ruttley Services has invested in equipment capable of high -pressure water jetting. Overall, high-pressure water jetting is far more effective than the traditional methods used.

Why choose high-pressure water jetting?

There are a few reasons why high-pressure water jetting is a better choice. Firstly, the older electric eel is known to cause a host of problems when used repeatedly in a drainage system.

Due to its abrasive nature, it can often cause leakages, creating more problems than it solves. It has also been shown to not completely remove build up, causing repeated blockages in the same areas due to the underlying issue never being properly addressed.

Water jetting, on the other hand, uses a highly pressurised water spray to remove debris and build-up within drains. Due to its high volume and versatility of the liquid to reach areas the electric eel cannot, the end result is a much cleaner drain that is far less likely to clog again.

Benefits of high pressure water jetting

On top of improved quality, choosing high-pressure water jetting comes with a further variety of benefits over the electric eel, the first being the timeliness of the operation.

Whilst the electric eel has been known to take, in extreme cases, many hours, high-pressure water jetting can complete the job in 30-45 minutes. This will leave you with functional drains in a shorter time.


When comparing traditional prices, high-pressure water jetting, in terms of economics, comes out on top. Due to less time being spent on the project, and higher ease of use, your final bill will come out as less.

High-pressure water jetting is a more efficient, less costly mode of clearing drains.

It will prevent against the re-occurrence of clogging in the same location and do a far better job than the electric eel can. If your drainage system has succumbed to build up, call Ruttley Services today on 9199 2011 to have it cleared by a professional plumber with the latest technology.