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Drains Repairs And Blocked Drains Sydney Services

Got a blockage? Call for help.

As drain and sewer experts, we assist with blocked or damaged drains, sewer lines and storm water lines. Using the latest diagnostic and repair tools, we get results faster – saving you time and money. Our drain experts have built up a reputation for reliability and uncompromising commitment to the highest possible standards.

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FAST, SAME DAY REPAIRS: We can be at your home or business fast 24 hours, 7 days. Our teams are local and can be at your home or office, shop or restaurant usually within 1 to 2 hours.

LATEST TECHNOLOGY: The benefits from using the latest drain technology, including fibre optic diagnostic equipment, lets us see inside your drains to pinpoint the problem fast and efficiently, with minimal mess. We also have the latest high-pressure drain jetters and Trenchless Relining Technology. See our full Relining Service here

We can assist with:

Cleaning sewer pipes

High Pressure Water Jetting  – 60 times regular water pressure. We’ve invested in the right technology to do the job right from the outset.  In our initial assessment we use a state of the art camera system which we insert into the drain. This tells us where the damage is, we can see how it has been caused, and the extent of the problem. We can then assess possible solutions with the property owner. Initially we use a high pressure jet to clear what we can and then checking again with the camera to find the exact point of the root invasion.

Other options available include pipe relining. This can be accomplished without excavation, extends the current life span and is suitable for all types of pipes. If there is no other option, then a disruptive excavation of the area might be needed to reach and replace the pipes. If running under paved and landscaped areas this can be disruptive, so where possible we will always try to clear blockages and repair the pipes without excavation.

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Perform video inspections of drains

Video inspection of drains can be identified by some of the following issues like Cracked sewer lateral, Bellied drain line, Separated lateral joint, Debris blockage, Root intrusion, Leaking pipe joints, Deteriorated piping materials. Video inspection reveals which issue is the cause of sewer and drain symptoms. The depth and exact location of the issue can be identified and it keeps the repair costs down.

Once sewer or drain line inspection is completed, our specialist will provide remedial options.

Trenchless pipe repair

Ruttley Relining Logo PNG 75 x 230We are specialised in using trenchless pipe repairs to rehabilitate existing sewer, stormwater and drain pipelines. This services minimises the need for excavation and disruption to your home, garden and life. With a complete pipe relining evaluation and inspection of your current pipe layout and installation we can offer quick turn around times to have the job done as soon as you need it.

As specialists in pipe repairs, evaluation and relining we have a whole division dedicated to this. Visit our Ruttley Relining Website to see why we are the leaders in Trenchless Pipe Repairs in Sydney.

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The conventional way


The trenchless pipe repair way

Install new drainage runs

New Homes, Renovations or Home Extensions, Ruttley Services handle it all. If you’re needing specific changes or initial plumbing specs and final work completed for a new build, extension or renovation of an existing home we’re happy to give a full quotation and design.

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