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If you’re a homeowner or renter, it’s important to make sure you’re not losing money because of poor plumbing. If you believe there is a leak, call a plumber to fix the problem immeaditely. This could end up saving you thousands of dollars. 

Replace Old Pipes

Older homes often have problems with their pipes malfunctioning. If you have exposed pipes you can inspect them for rust yourself. If they have started to erode you should call a plumber and get them replaced. While they plumber is there they can inspect your pipes and fix any problems, which can increase the water flow.

 Old Errors

If the previous landowner has not looked after the pipes correctly, you could run into some problems. Low quality tiling in your kitchen and bathrooms is a sign of poor waterproofing, or you could have internal pipe damage. If you leave these problems unattended for long it could cause structural damage to your house.

 Ageing Systems

Hot-water systems should be regularly serviced. These systems often last between eight to ten years. Service your hot water system regularly to extend its lifespan.


Damp wood often encourages mould growth and termites. If you suspect this is a problem, call a professional plumber to fix the problem for you.

Check your Meter

If you’ve found your water bill to be higher than usual, you may have a hidden water leak on your property. To monitor this problem it’s a good idea to check the number on your water metre and write down the number to refer to it later. When you’re aware of your homes plumbing system, it’s much easier to detect any problems. If you’re experiencing anything out of the ordinary, call a plumber to rectify this problem immediate.