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Commercial Plumber and Electrician Sydney

Restaurants, Hospitality, Retail, Factories and more

Got a plumbing, electrician or gas fitting emergency or maintenance issues in the office or shop that need resolving, fast?

Ruttley Commercial Plumbers and Electricians Sydney offer a team of licensed insured plumbers, electricians, drainers and gasfitters offering emergency and maintenance plumbing to commercial premises Sydney-wide, 24/7.

No matter the age of the premises, Restaurant, Shop front or Offices our team will be there on time and ready to solve your plumbing issues. We understand the age of many Sydney shops and small industrial factories mean older pipes and electrical fixtures. With our latest tools and technology, pipe cleaning and repair services we can service most jobs quickly and easily.

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24/7 Commercial Plumbing Services, Sydney-wide

Rely on our round-the-clock Sydney-wide services to keep your business, strata property or commercial premises running smoothly. No job is too big or too small.

We proudly offer commercial plumbing, electrical, and maintenance services to:

Aged care facilities

Childcare centres


Hotels and hospitality facilities


Strata title properties


Explore our Commercial Plumbing and Electrical Services

    • Thermostatic mixing valve installation and servicing and repairs Hot water temperature control is an important safety issue for hotels, hospitals and other health care facilities.

We offer TMV installation, servicing and repairs to commercial premises – from aged care facilities to childcare centres, Sydney-wide.

    • Backflow installation and repairs. Backflow testing is essential to ensuring drinking water cannot be contaminated by actual or potential cross connections from your property. Common causes of backflow include reduced water pressure and reverse water pressure. Dangerous chemicals could be drawn into the drinking water supply through a hose and re-emerge through neighbouring showers and taps.

We offer backflow installation, testing, prevention and repairs, Sydney-wide.

    • Gutter cleaning. Blocked gutters can cause serious and unnecessary water damage to properties. Dirty gutters may even attract vermin and pests. Moreover, gutter debris is a fire hazard. Damp debris in guttering can sit for weeks, months or years, causing gutters to rot, requiring costly repairs or replacements that can generally be avoided.

We’re certified to clear, repair and maintain gutters at heights. We also tailor gutter maintenance programs to your requirements.

    • Drain clearing and maintenance. Rely on us to diagnose and clear troublesome blockages in any drain or sewer. Ruttley Services is relied upon by many schools, childcare centres and exhibition centres across Sydney to keep their drains and sewage systems in good working order.

In addition to emergency drain cleaning services, we can also perform preventative inspections and electrical testing to help you avoid unnecessary issues down the track.

  • Scheduled maintenance. We provide quarterly preventative maintenance checks at your premises. We can tailor and implement a maintenance program to ensure your plumbing systems, hot water and drains are kept in good condition for your peace of mind.
  • Hot water servicing. We can assist you with all your hot water needs. We offer regular servicing and maintenance for all plumbing fixtures to extend the life of your hot water systems and help reduce the likelihood of unexpected problems. Thinking of upgrading your hot water system? We will recommend suitable hot water system replacements to help you manage your energy costs.

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For commercial plumbing and facilities maintenance and emergency services, 24 hours a day, 7days a week, Sydney-wide, call Ruttley Services on 9904 7700.

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