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You’ve just gotten home from a holiday to a plumbing emergency. In your panic you might hire an unlicensed plumber. Hiring an unlicensed plumber can cause you problems in the future. It is essential that you hire qualified plumbers when your home has a water-related issue.

We’ve listed below why it’s important to have a qualified plumber to complete the work for you.

Poor Quality Work

 A qualified plumber will have up to date qualifications. They will be able to address the situation and provide an appropriate solution. With an unlicensed plumber, you have no guarantee of high quality work.

Higher Costs

 It’s true that hiring an unlicensed plumber will be cheaper. The poor quality work they produce though, may leave you out of pocket in the long run. When you choose a qualified plumber, your work is carried out to industry standard.

Legal Implications

Hiring an unlicensed plumber comes with legal ramifications. They have no liability insurance, leaving you accountable for any job-related injuries. Unlicensed plumbers work outside of industry regulatory framework.; this leaves them less accountable for any installations, maintenance, or repairs.

Fully Qualified and Licenced Plumbers

Plumbers are regulated under the NSW Fair Trading. The following licences are issued in NSW:

• Qualified supervisor – Supervise and carry out work.
• Contractor – Allowed to contract and advertise work.
• Trades-person certificate – All work needs to be signed off by a contractor or supervisor class.