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Gas Leaks – Emergency Actions

Gas Leaks – Emergency Actions

What to do if you smell gas When it comes to energy, gas really is a reliable option. In a power cut, you’ll always have a ready supply of energy. It’s it’s cheap and reliable, making it the perfect option for first time home owners. Gas leaks are...

Gas connections and fittings

Maintenance of gas connections Gas is a useful source of energy. Not only is it powerful, but affordable as well. It can be used to heat hot water or cook dinner. It’s important to make sure that your gas is working to the right standard. Below, we’ve...

Do I need a Licensed Gas Fitter?

So the question on your mind is ‘Do I need a licensed gas fitter?’ Yes, you do! Not only is doing your own gas work illegal, but anyone who does not have a licence who is offering to do your work for you should be reported. The Home Building Act says you...