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Why we love washerless taps for older hands?

From a natural part of the ageing process to a symptom of arthritis or some other disabling degenerative condition, a significant number of people find that their hands don’t have as much strength as they used to. This can affect many different activities, potentially limiting independence and meaning that some tasks can’t be undertaken any more. Luckily there is plenty that can be done to make things easier for those with limited grip to do what they need to, quickly and easily. One of the many innovations available on the market, really making a difference when it comes to bathing, washing, food preparation and more, are water taps which operate without the need for a washer.

Tap Washers wear out!

Initially tap washers fulfill their function well, enabling the tap to be switched on and off without leaking. Unfortunately as the washer material begins to show signs of wear and tear, it requires an increasing amount of force to switch the tap off. This can be simply irritating for those with a normal grip, but for vulnerable people with reduced strength, it may mean that they’re unable to turn their water taps off completely. Not only can this lead to higher water bills due to waste from a leak, it may even deter people from using their tap, due to concerns about being able to switch it off effectively.

The smooth easy action of a Washerless Tap

An exciting answer to this difficult issue is the washerless tap. Once these handy items have been installed, they’ll continue to operate perfectly for years, enabling easy operation every time. Not only do washerless taps make life so much easier, they can also save money as well – in many cases it’s far more cost-effective to get a set installed and potentially enjoy years of trouble free usage, than it is to have to call the plumber out every year or so to get a washer replaced.

With a smooth action and no washers to cause problems, washerless taps are the installation of choice for a growing number of Australians, particularly those who lack the hand strength to operate a stiff tap. Designed in a selection of appealing styles, we can provide and fit washerless taps over sinks, basins and baths. If you’re looking for an alternative to the stiffness, leaks and drips which the traditional tap and washer combination frequently displays, washerless taps are a superb option.