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A toilet that does not flush is equally embarrassing and inconvenient. While not a glamorous topic, a functioning toilet is one of life’s necessities and one that isn’t working can ruin anyone’s day.

There are two ways to approach a toilet that isn’t flushing properly: fix it yourself by enquiring at your local plumbing supplies store or hire a professional plumber.

Occasionally, a toilet that doesn’t flush can be fixed quite simply and the problem rarely calls for replacement parts. Due to this, many people choose to tackle their toilet woes themselves, which is understandable, as long as they are armed with the knowledge and tools to perform an adequate job and not make the actual problem worse than it was initially.

Fixing your Toilet Yourself

Even a handyman extraordinaire should visit a local plumbing supplies store prior to tackling the job. The professional staff will be able to recommend the best tools to complete the job and give advice on how to go about it.

For any DIY job, it is always vital to turn the water off at the inlet valve prior to commencing.

For a toilet that isn’t flushing correctly, more often than not, the problem will be a clogged drain. To test this, use a plunger purchased from the plumbing supplies store and snake out the drain. Turn the water back on and see if this has fixed the problem.

If the toilet is still not flushing well, the problem may be within the siphoning. Siphoning can be effected when the siphoning jets are blocked and aren’t pushing water through the valves to flush.

To fix this, check the water level in the cistern. If it is low, the toilet is not receiving enough water force to flush.

Most flush problem can be traced to the stem valve which lets water into the cistern. If the rubber has perished it will mean that the toilet is continually flushing or there is not enough water entering the cistern which may mean the stem valve is not functioning and need to be replaced or adjusted up to allow more water to flow into the cistern.

Hire a Plumber

There are only so many methods a novice plumber can try to fix a toilet that doesn’t flush correctly or may not be working to its full capacity – this is when it is necessary to hire a plumber.

A professional and qualified plumber will be able to seek reasons for a toilet not flushing that may not be related to siphoning or clogged pipes.

In Australia, plumbing standards are immaculate and consumers are protected by the quality of work that is expected as per Australian Standards. Abiding by the plumbing code of practice is considered compulsory in Australia due to legal ramifications of poor work.

Australian standards ensure that plumbers must meet a minimum standard when carrying out a job or they are not entitled to payment.

Qualified plumbers are required to complete extensive training as apprentices and flushing issues is often one of the first things they excel in. An excellent plumber will have adequate tools, qualifications and training to ensure a toilet that isn’t flushing correctly is fixed upon the first attempt and all of the flushing troubles disappear.