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Top Plumbing Tips to Prepare your Home for the Christmas Holidays 

Many of us disappear during the Christmas break, visiting relatives in other cities or perhaps travelling overseas to celebrate the festive period in a different country.

Before leaving for holiday, it’s important to ensure our homes will be left in a safe condition while we’re away. The obvious pointers are to ensure your home is securely locked and you have someone to pick up your post when you’re gone. But have you considered your plumbing while you’re away?

The last thing you need when you’re on holiday is for your home to flood or have a tap leak and cause water damage. This can cause a very unpleasant surprise, and unwanted expenses for you on your return.

Shut off your water mains

If you’re going away for two weeks or more, it’s best to shut off your water, so if there is a burst pipe or other plumbing problem in your area, it won’t affect your home. You should generally be able to find the water meter somewhere in your front garden.

When you think you’ve found it and shut it off, just double check there’s no water running when you turn on the tap in your home to make sure you’ve shut it off properly.

Turn off the taps

For many household appliances, we leave the tap valves on at all times, and then use the water when we turn the appliances on. Dishwashers and washing machines generally operate in this manner, for example.

To ensure there’s no damage during these water supply systems when you’re away, ensure you turn both the taps off and flick the switch off on the power for the appliances too.

You might want to consider turning off the ice maker on your fridge too, so it doesn’t overflow when you’re gone. And consider switching off your hot water system to keep your gas bill low in your absence

Make sure your plumbing is sturdy

Over time, wear and tear can cause rubber and plastic hoses to bust a leak in your toilets. Make sure you check this plumbing before you go on holiday, to ensure they don’t look like they’re showing too many signs of wear and tear before you go.

If they are, call in a plumber to replace them with stainless steel braided hoses, which tend to last longer. Or tackle the simple hose replacements on appliances like your washing machine yourself. You can easily pick up one from Bunnings for a low fee.

Review your sump pump

If you want to rest assured everything to do with your home’s plumbing is working well before you depart on holiday, check your sump pump. You can read more about what exactly a sump pump is if you don’t already know, and to check it, all you should need to do is put water into the sump pit to increase its water level.

Then check that the pump is pushing out the water how it should be. You want to ensure the system is ejecting water properly before you leave for the Christmas break. If it’s not, call in a plumber before you go to get some advice on how to get it running again smoothly.

Pool pump review

Make sure your pool pump is in fine working order before you go, as you’ll want to leave this system running when you’re away, so your pool doesn’t turn green! If you have a salt chlorinator installed, this should be easy as it operates automatically.

Have a wonderful break and follow these tips to ensure your home is how you left it upon your return.