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Your driveway is a heavy traffic area, and it has to support vehicles that weigh between 500 to 1,200 kilograms each. So over time, any underground pipes used for drainage and other purposes can be split, cracked and even broken due to the constant pressure. Repairing these pipes used to mean digging up your driveway and then replacing them, which took considerable time, effort and money. But now, there is an easier solution called pipe relining, which is cost-effective and easily carried out.

What is pipe relining?plumbing tools and pipes

This method of repairing a cracked pipe uses a liner – either cloth or fibreglass – that is soaked in resin to coat the inside of the damaged pipe. Once hardened, this polymer coating creates a pipe within a pipe, removing the need to pull out the broken pipe and replace it with a new pipe.

What steps are carried out to reline driveway pipes?

Rather than removing the broken pipe from under your driveway – which is often an inconvenience that makes your driveway unusable for days – you can reline the pipe. This process is not overly complicated, and it’s cost-effective. The steps to reline a pipe are as follows:

• The broken pipe is cleaned using high-pressure water or a wire brush.
• A camera is then inserted into the pipe to inspect the damage, and you are then asked to view the damage. This methodology allows you to assess whether or not you think the pipe needs repairing and if you wish to proceed with relining.
• If you choose to carry on with relining, the pipe is then prepared for the process. Preparation involves more pipe cleaning to ensure no residue is in the pipe.
• Insertion of a resin soaked liner into the pipe is then carried out. This liner is pulled into the correct position using a special device.
• The pipe liner is then left to dry for around four hours. Steam can also be used to accelerate drying time. During drying time, the pipe cannot be used.
• Once dry, a camera is re-inserted into the pipe to ensure that the relining process has worked.

What are the benefits of pipe relining?

The relining of pipes is a much easier process than the traditional method of removing a broken pipe and replacing it. The method is also cheaper because no excavation is required, this means that your driveway does not need to be ripped up and replaced at a later date. The process of relining is also rot proof, durable and much stronger than PVC pipes. Plus, it causes little disruption to your daily life.

How much does pipe relining cost?

If you’re tired of the time, effort and expense of trying to repair pipes under your driveway as they continually get broken or cracked, it’s time to find a long-lasting solution. Ruttley Plumbing can permanently fix your problem; just ask us for an obligation-free quote to get an accurate pipe relining cost.