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General Plumbing and Drain Maintenance Around your Home

These general plumbing and drain maintenance jobs can make a big difference in preventing plumbing emergencies. They’ll prolong your plumbing and drains life, allowing you to avoid costly repairs. The quicker you fix simple problems and put preventative maintenance plans in place, the less likely your home is to suffer from significant damage from major clogging and leakages.

Routine maintenance also ensures the structural integrity of your home and helps to effectively safeguard against bigger problems. Below are some plumbing and drain maintenance you can do yourself to keep on top of potential problems and prevent plumbing emergencies.

Keeping your Drains, Shower and Sinks Clear

Clogged drains, showers and sinks are one of the most common residential plumbing problems, however it is very easy to prevent these from occurring.

Ensure all drains are cleaned regularly with the rest of your home, and kept free of debris. If hair is a problem in your showers or bathroom sinks you can install a screen or drain-grate to catch the debris. Make sure however, that you remove the cover once every fortnight and give it a good clean, clearing away any hair that has collected.

Refrain from pouring cooking grease, coffee grounds and food scraps down your drains as these frequently cause clogs. Run hot water through your sinks after each use as this can help prevent oil from food building up and making drains sluggish. If you find your drain is becoming sluggish, try putting a tablespoon of baking soda in the drain, followed by hot water to give it a clean.

Replace the Washers on Your Taps

A leaking tap is often a sign that the washers on your taps need replacing. It is important to deal with a leaking tap as soon as possible as a tap that leaks at a rate of one drip per second can waste more than 12,000 litres of water per year.

Washers can be purchased from most home and hardware stores and there are multiple fact sheets on the internet about the process. Be careful not to over tighten the washers when putting them back on though as this will prematurely wear the washer and cause leaks. Once the new washer is on, don’t over tighten when turning your taps off either, as this can also cause early wear to your washers.

Keep Taps and Faucets Aerators Clean

Clean the taps and faucet aerators around your home monthly to prevent clogs. Over time sediment can build up in your pipes, which is filtered out by an aerator, however if the aerator is not cleaned regularly then the small openings can become clogged.

This not only slows the water pressure of your tap but can also cause unclean drinking water. Similarly, shower heads can become clogged with deposits from the water so it is important to include all taps, faucets and shower heads in your routine cleaning.

When Not To DIY

While these simple maintenance steps can be done yourself around your home, for work that directly interacts with the sewer line or the installation of the drinking water system, you are required by law to hire a licensed plumber.

Ruttley Plumbing has a team of qualified, licensed and insured plumbers who provide emergency and maintenance plumbing, and hot water services Sydney-wide. Call us today at (02) 9904 7700 for all your plumbing, draining and gas fitting needs.