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washerless taps for kidsIs your tap constantly dripping, resulting in increased bills for your household? After they’ve finished playing outside, you might have encouraged your children to come in and wash their hands, but what if they’re not able to turn the taps off properly?

If your children find it difficult to turn off the taps after they’ve finished using them, you might want to think about investing in washerless taps. These are an easy solution, helping keep your taps firmly off, with no drips and no harsh strain on your children’s little hands.

The three main types of washerless taps most widely used are cartridge, the ball and ceramic disc taps. You can ask a professional to see which of these best fit your tap, but whichever one you go with, all three are cost-efficient as they will reduce the amount of waste water you generate as a family.

Washerless taps can easily be installed by your local friendly plumber, and while they are an effective solution to your old leaking taps, these washerless taps need to be checked every now and then, as they can develop leaks. Make sure washers are replaced regularly and taps reseated with a new washerless tap to maintain your taps in good condition, whether it be for your kitchen sink, bathroom sink or outdoor areas.

Washerless taps use small rubber components, called O-rings or seals, to stop water from leaking. Like a washer, an O-ring or other rubber part is subject to gradual degradation and must be replaced when there is a sign of wear and tear. An O-ring can easily be replaced, which is why washerless taps are much more efficient than a leaky tap. With washerless taps, you don’t need to worry about replacing worn-out or ill-fitting washers. Their advanced, one-piece construction brings greater reliability and efficient performance. Fewer parts mean that there are fewer things that could go wrong. Replacement with the cartridge is easy – just take out the old and drop in the new part.

Needless to say, running water is a vital part of everyday life, with little hands being washed, food being prepared and bath times for children. With all these everyday activities that require taps to be turned on and off, washerless taps are vital to keep your taps on only when they need to be, so you’re not paying the price for that undetected dripping. It is an efficient, hassle-free solution to leaking taps and especially with children with smaller hands, it is often the case that they leave the taps dripping. Washerless taps will stay off without a harsh close and is the perfect solution to your family, saving your little ones from straining their little hands, and also saving you from increased bills due to running taps.