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Maintenance of gas connections

Gas is so useful and versatile that it’s almost dispensable, whether in your home, investment property or commercial property or kitchen.

Gas connections to a cook topGas is a great, powerful and affordable energy source for all your heating, hot water, cooking and other needs. But gas also needs to be respected, so that your gas appliances are looked after and working efficiently, and your home or business is safe.

Maintenance of gas connections

It is important to look after your gas connections and appliances not only so they are safe, but so they continue to work properly and efficiently, both now and into their long life.

Keep your eye on it

Being broadly aware of where your gas connections are, and how they work, is important. That’s because they need to be regularly checked up on and kept clean, not only by you but by a qualified technician. Burners should be kept clean, as should flues.


DIY repairs can not only endanger your valuable installations and void your insurance, but also endanger your life and those of your loves ones. So if you’re not sure, and something needs to be properly inspected or fixed, only get a qualified and experienced technician to do the work.


Manufacturers will advise how often general maintenance and servicing needs to be done, and those recommendations should be strictly followed. And for something like gas heating, an annual ‘pre winter’ service is a good idea.

Proper use

Make sure you are using your gas installations correctly by reading the manual. If you have lost the manual, you can probably download it. Gas regulators should also be inspected regularly as they do not last forever, as should the gas pressure, as improper combustion or too much pressure can be inefficient and unsafe.

Look for signs

It depends on the connection or equipment, but if your gas flame doesn’t look right, there is unusual burning or soot deposits, odd smells and frequent loss of flame, it is usually a sign that something is wrong. Your appliance may only be running inefficiently, but you might also be producing too much carbon dioxide or another potentially dangerous situation.

Ensure no leaks

A gas leak can be a very dangerous situation, so don’t rely on the fact that you might smell it before it becomes a real problem. Connections and hoses should be regularly and properly inspected, not just visibly but also with proper leak-test methods carried out by a technician.

What to do in an emergency

If you’re sure you smell gas, don’t take any risks and turn it off at the source – either the meter or the cylinder. Avoid turning on lights or using appliances, open your windows and keep people clear of the affected area and call a technician that is committed to getting to your place fast.

Ruttley Plumbing understands that while gas is a handy energy source, things don’t always go smoothly, so never hesitate to make us your first choice for all your general plumbing and also those unfortunate emergency situations. Call (02) 9199 2015 today.