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Gardening and Guttering – Maintenance Plans

Tree roots, leaves, fallen branches, blocked drains and debris in pipes can cause damage at any time of year, which is why it’s important to maintain the guttering and garden around your home through all seasons.

Proper maintenance plans can reduce the risk of a plumbing emergency, such as blocked drains, burst water pipes, and burst gas pipes, as well as the structural damage and repair costs associated with this.

Many people assume regular plumbing maintenance services are enough to prevent emergencies, however, while this is important, gardening and guttering maintenance are just as crucial.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to ensure your garden and gutters are properly maintained throughout the year.

Gardening Maintenance

  •  Regularly rake leaves and sticks from your garden to ensure they do not block your overflow relief gully, an important fitting designed to direct any sewage overflow outside your home and into the garden if there is ever a sewer blockage. Also ensure you overflow relief gully is not blocked by landscaping or garden beds, or covered by objects such as pot plants and outdoor furniture.
  • Ensure your water meter is well maintained and can be easily found, not just by a plumber should you require works, but also so it is not accidentally hit with things, such as a lawn mower.
  • Remove dead, damaged or dangerously located trees and limbs, as these are more likely to fall in the event of storms and cause significant damage.
  • Clean pruning, hedging and blower debris from your garden as soon as possible after you’ve finished.
  • Determine where your sewer lines are located and limit the number of plants you plant close to these. Ensure larger trees are planted far enough away that the roots are not within reach of the sewer pipes, and if you do have to plant near the pipes, ensure you select slow-growing trees with smaller root balls.
  • Protect your Inspection Opening, the pipe between the sewer main and your house that is covered with white plastic, by ensuring it’s not blocked by garden beds, outdoor furniture or other objects, and is not run over with a lawn mower.
  • If you have a pool, avoid planting trees with invasive roots that could damage the structure of your pool. Instead opt for trees with succulent roots or water retaining roots, which are low maintenance, non-invasive and have minimal plant litter.

Guttering Maintenance

  • Clear away debris, such as leaves, in your gutters as soon as possible after noticing them, and don’t forget about the debris you may not be able to see by climbing up to take a look every so often, especially before heavy rainfall.
  • Regularly check for rust spots, holes, loose nails and screws, sagging areas and other signs of damage. Any damaged guttering will need to be replaced.
  • Prune trees regularly so they don’t hang over gutters, causing blockages.
  • Consider installing a gutter guard, especially if you have overhanging trees, to prevent blockages.
  • If you notice water not draining freely through your drainpipes, clear obstructions by flushing them down with a hose, or use an auger to pull out the debris from the bottom.
  • Before heavy rainfall run water through your guttering to ensure water is moving quickly. If the water is draining slowly, re position the gutters so they slope more toward your downspouts.

Following these simple garden and guttering maintenance plans can help you reduce the risk of plumbing emergencies, however unfortunately accidents do happen. If you’re in need of an emergency plumber, give Ruttley plumbing a call at (02) 9904 7700, for home and business services Sydney-wide.