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Many homeowners and renters could potentially be losing out due to hidden leaks throughout their home’s plumbing.

Contributing factors such as bad, poor and old plumbing may be costing you money, so asking for assistance from a professional plumber may help you in the long term and could save you thousands of dollars.

Replacing Old Pipes

Old pipes are a common issue in many homes and may need replacing. Visually inspect any pipes that are exposed around the house and check for any rust coming off the exterior of the pipes.

Your house may have pipes that need to be replaced urgently, as they may have started eroding.

If you have any concerns about galvanised and rusted pipes, a plumber should be contacted immediately. Aside from it being a safety issue, having these pipes inspected could increase the efficiency of your water flow.

Cost of Rectifying Old Errors

Understanding who previously renovated your house can save you money. This is because the previous person who renovated your kitchen or bathroom may not have had the necessary qualifications or experience for plumbing.

Shoddy plumbing from previous landowners is a common problem and can leave you with lots of issues that could cost you lots of money.

Also, be aware of dirty or low-quality tiling in and around your kitchen and bathroom. This could be another sign of poor waterproofing or internal pipe damage. These issues can result in rotting wood that may cause problems with the internal structure of your house.

Servicing Ageing Systems

Hot-water systems should be regularly serviced, as most of them have a lifespan of eight to 10 years. Regularly getting your hot water system serviced is a great way of extending the lifespan of your hot water system, thus saving you from having to purchase another hot-water system.

Encourages infestations

The dampening of wood and materials to the structure of your home can promote mold growth and even termites. This can cause headaches and become a burden on your wallet. Because it can be difficult to find the cause of the problem, getting assistance from a professional plumber as soon as possible so you can combat the problem is advised.

Check your Meter and Call a Plumber

Receiving a bill in the mail for excessive water usage is a good indicator that you may have some hidden leaks throughout your house’s plumbing.

It is a good idea to immediately monitor your own water usage and call your plumber to query your concern. Monitoring your own water usage is as easy as checking your own water meter and keeping note of the number.

Being aware of your home’s plumbing is just smart, especially when it comes to saving you money in the long run. Getting a qualified and experienced plumber to help you investigate, fix and provide professional help is crucial.